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Mit diesen Beiträgen, die überwiegend in Englisch verfasst sind, beteiligen sich die Forscher/innen des ZEW an wissenschaftlichen Fachdebatten. Die Publikationen enthalten vorläufige Beiträge, die zur Veröffentlichung in Fachzeitschriften vorgesehen sind. Die Discussion Papers können ab 1.1.1998 als pdf-Datei abgerufen werden. Sie richten sich an nationale und internationale Zielgruppen.

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-17 // 2003

    Mutual Recognition of National Minimum Quality Standards may Support International Convergence

    In a model of vertical product differentiation, duopolistic firms face qualitydependent costs and compete in quality and price in two segmented markets. Minimum quality standards, set according to the principle…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-16 // 2003

    Poverty Alleviation and the Degree of Centralisation in European Schemes of Social Assistance

    In this paper, the relationship between the degree of centralisation and the distributive outcomes in European schemes of social assistance is investigated. For this purpose, a scheme of classification…

  3. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-14 // 2003

    The Influence of the EU Environmental Management and Auditing Scheme on Environmental Innovations and Competitiveness in Germany: An Analysis on the Basis of Case Studies and a Large-Scale Survey

    This paper investigates the effects of the EU Environmental Management and Auditing Scheme (EMAS) on environmental innovations and competitiveness in German facilities. It comprises twelve in-depth case…

  4. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-13 // 2003

    Local Determinants of Crime: Distinguishing Between Resident and Non-resident Offenders

    The paper revisits the local determinants of crime using a spatial model distinguishing between resident and non-resident offenders. Employing data for German municipalities, the model is estimated by means of…

  5. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-12 // 2003

    The Decision of Venture Capitalists on Timing and Extent of IPOs

    We analyze the venture capitalist's decision on the timing of the IPO, the offer price and the fraction of shares he sells in the course of the IPO. A venture capitalist may decide to take a company public or…

  6. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-11 // 2003

    Systemic Risk in European Banking - Evidence from Bivariate GARCH Models

    This paper attempts to assess the Europe-wide systemic risk in banking. We employ a bivariate GARCH model to estimate conditional correlations between European bank stock indices. These correlations are used…

  7. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-10 // 2003

    Socially Responsible Investments in Germany, Switzerland and the United States

    The aim of this study is the analysis of so called socially responsible investments (SRI). First, the performance of SRI equity investment funds and equity indices is investigated using Jensen´s alpha as…

  8. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-09 // 2003

    Climate Policy Beyond Kyoto: Quo Vadis? A Computable General Equilibrium Analysis Based on Expert Judgements

    Despite of the apparent failure of the Kyoto Protocol with respect to environmental effectiveness, it has established a broad international mechanism that might be able to provide a global reduction of…

  9. ZEW Discussion Paper Nr. 03-08 // 2003

    On the Design of Optimal Grandfathering Schemes for Emission Allowances

    To meet its commitment under the Kyoto Protocol, the EU plans to implement an emissions trading system with grandfathering of allowances. Besides having distributional impacts, the choice of the grandfathering…

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