This study on the monitoring of innovation strengths, regional specialisation and industrial modernisation in the European Union has two main aims. The first is to verify whether the existing indicators and data sources provide a sufficient basis for monitoring relevant aspects of industrial modernisation in the European Union, while the second is to propose a grounded system of indicators to measure industrial modernisation. The future monitoring of industrial modernisation will need to cover different aspects. The monitoring system proposed in this report focuses on industrial modernisation as a transformative process that aims at improving the competitiveness of European manufacturing in an increasingly competitive global environment. Industrial modernisation has to address the upcoming challenges facing manufacturing in Europe as well as to respond to new opportunities of production, including the changes resulting from digitalisation and other new technologies.

Spaini, Carolina, Christian Rammer, Kincsö Izsak, Inga Sabanova, Jean-François Romainville, Paresa Markianidou, Antonio Collado, Henning Kroll, Sven Wydra und Els van de Velde (2019), Towards Better Monitoring of Innovation Strengths, Regional Specialisation and Industrial Modernisation in the EU, European Commission, Brussels. Download




Spaini, Carolina
Rammer, Christian
Izsak, Kincsö
Sabanova, Inga
Romainville, Jean-François
Markianidou, Paresa
Collado, Antonio
Kroll, Henning
Wydra, Sven
Velde, Els van de


aid to industry, European Region, industrial investment, industrial policy, innovation, modernisation of industry, new technology, processing industry, regional cooperation, report