1. Discussion und Working Paper // 2017

    Gap-Filling Government Debt Maturity Choice

    Do governments strategically choose debt maturity to fill supply gaps across maturities? Building on a new panel data set of more than 9,000 individual Eurozone government debt issues between 1999 and 2015, I…

  2. Discussion und Working Paper // 2017

    Why Does Emissions Trading under the EU ETS Not Affect Firms’ Competitiveness? Empirical Findings from the Literature

    Environmental policies may have important consequences for firms’ competitiveness or profitability. However, the empirical literature shows that hardly any statistically significant effects on firms can be…

  3. Discussion und Working Paper // 2017

    Credit Constraints, Energy Management Practices, and Investments in Energy Saving Technologies: German Manufacturing in Close-up

    We analyze the drivers and barriers that influence investments increasing the energy efficiency of firms' production processes or buildings in the German manufacturing sector based on microdata. In particular,…

  4. Discussion und Working Paper // 2017

    Drivers of Energy Efficiency in German Manufacturing: A Firm-level Stochastic Frontier Analysis

    Increasing energy efficiency is one of the main goals in current German energy and climate policies. We study the determinants of energy efficiency in the German manufacturing sector based on official firm-level…


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