1. Discussion und Working Paper // 2021

    Versicherung von Klimarisiken - zwischen privater Vorsorge und staatlicher Intervention

    In diesem Hintergrundpapier zum 10. Forum Klimaökonomie haben Expert:innen aus dem BMBF-Förderschwerpunkt „Ökonomie des Klimawandels“ den Stand der Literatur und der Debatten zum Thema Versicherung gegen…

  2. Discussion und Working Paper // 2021

    Games for Triggering Collective Change in Natural Resource Management

    As resource users interact and impose externalities onto each other, institutions are needed to coordinate resource use, create trust, and provide incentives for sustainable management. Coordinated collective…

  3. Discussion und Working Paper // 2021

    Is There a Need for Reverse Mortgages in Germany? Empirical Evidence and Policy Implications

    Building up sufficient capital for old-age provision often is a challenge for private households. For homeowners, one way to generate old-age income from illiquid housing wealth is the use of equity release…

  4. Discussion und Working Paper // 2021

    Small Firms and the COVID-19 Insolvency Gap

    COVID-19 placed a special role on fiscal policy in rescuing companies short of liquidity from insolvency. In the first months of the crisis, SMEs as the backbone of Germany’s economy benefited from large and…


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