1. Discussion und Working Paper // 2014

    Combining International Cap-and-Trade with National Carbon Taxes

    This paper examines the effects of combining an international cap-and-trade scheme with national carbon taxes. We consider a two-country stochastic partial equilibrium model with log-normally distributed…

  2. Discussion und Working Paper // 2014

    Economics of Transiting to Renewable Energy in Morocco

    Morocco has set an ambitious target of supplying 42 percent of electricity through renewable sources, 14 percent each through hydro, wind, and solar, by 2020. To analyze the economic and environmental…

  3. Discussion und Working Paper // 2014

    Compensating the losers of free trade

    Fears of rising wage inequality and job loss loom large in current debates on free trade. Surprisingly, however, there exists little academic research on how to compensate those who lose from free trade.…

  4. Discussion und Working Paper // 2014

    Sweden's School Choice Reform and Equality of Opportunity

    This study analyses whether the Swedish school choice reform, enacted in 1992, had different effects on students from different socio-economic backgrounds. We use detailed geographical data on students' and…

  5. Discussion und Working Paper // 2014

    A Vision of the European Energy Future? The Impact of the German Response to the Fukushima Earthquake

    The German response to the Fukushima nuclear power plant incident was possibly the most significant change of policy towards nuclear power outside Japan, leading to a sudden and very significant shift in the…


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