Over the last years, many changes have been taking place in the asset management industry. Some of them are driven by cost and performance considerations (e.g. outsourcing, multi-management), by investors demand (e.g. guaranteed products), by asset managers creativity (e.g. certificates, hedge funds), and of course by the enhancement of the EU framework for investment funds, UCITS III (e.g. cross-border funds and open-architecture). As a result, additional actors have emerged and asset management processes and products have become more complex. The aim of the project was to collect asset management related data for several EU member states, to analyse the developments affecting this industry and to develop new indicators. The focus was on indicators that measure the integration and efficiency in the European investment funds business, in order to achieve a better understanding of the functioning of the market and of the current trends which could affect the future development of the asset management industry. The analysis was based on primary and secondary data on indicators which represent the competition, distribution, integration and efficiency situation in the market.

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Schröder, Michael, Mariela Borell, Didier Davydoff und Gregoire Naacke (2006), Current Trends in the European Asset Management Industry, Final Report, Mannheim. Download


European Commission, Internal Market and Services DG , Brüssel , BE


23.12.2005 - 31.10.2006


Dr. Michael Schröder (Leitung)
Dr. Mariela Borell
Dr. Marianne Buhleier
Didier Davydoff
Gregoire Naacke
Waldemar Rotfuß


European Savings Institute, PAris, FR