Publikationen der Forschungsgruppe Ungleichheit und Verteilungspolitik

  1. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    Welfare Effects of Property Taxation

    We analyze the welfare implications of property taxation. Using a sufficient statistics approach, we show that the tax incidence depends on how housing prices, labor and other types of incomes as well as…

  2. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2021

    Gender Diversity in Corporate Boards: Evidence From Quota-Implied Discontinuities

    Using data across European corporate boards, we investigate the effects of quota-induced female representation on firm value and operations, under minimal identification assumptions. We consider sharp increases…

  3. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2021

    Fiscal and Individual Rates of Return to University Education with and without Graduation

    Based on a detailed model of the German tax-benefit system, this paper simulates private and fiscal returns to education for college graduates and college dropouts.

  4. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2021

    Attitudes towards Euro Area Reforms: Evidence from a Randomized Survey Experiment

    We present the first evidence on public attitudes towards two prominent euro area reform proposals (European Unemployment Benefit Scheme and Sovereign Insolvency Procedure) and assess potential impediments to…

  5. Discussion und Working Paper // 2020

    Importing Inequality: Immigration and the Top 1 percent

    In this paper we study the contribution of migrants to the rise in UK top incomes. Using administrative data on the universe of UK taxpayers we show migrants are over- represented at the top of the income…

  6. Gutachten // 2020

    Gesellschaftliche und regionale Bedeutung von Daseinsvorsorge sowie der Versorgung mit Dienstleistungen und Infrastruktur

    Die vorliegende Studie untersucht die gesellschaftliche und regionale Bedeutung der Versorgung mit Dienstleistungen und Infrastruktur. In einem ersten Teil werden die Inanspruchnahme und Verteilungswirkungen…

  7. Gutachten // 2020

    Einführung einer Garantiesicherung

    Dieses Gutachten im Auftrag der Bundestagsfraktion von Bündnis 90/Die Grünen untersucht auf Basis des ZEW-Mikrosimulationsmodells und der Haushaltsdaten des Sozio-oekonomischen Panels (SOEP) die Einführung eines…

  8. ZEW Discussion Paper // 2020

    Evaluating the Effectiveness of Policies Against a Pandemic

    We develop a novel empirical approach to identify the effectiveness of policies against a pandemic. The essence of our approach is the insight that epidemic dynamics are best tracked over stages, rather than…