Publikationen des Forschungsbereichs Innovationsökonomik und Unternehmensdynamik

  1. Discussion und Working Paper // 2022

    Analysing Gender Equality at the Firm Level

    The role of gender in the labour force and potential inequalities between men and women have been widely discussed. Despite efforts to align gender roles in recent decades, high levels of inequality are …

  2. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2022

    Artificial Intelligence and Industrial Innovation: Evidence from German Firm-Level Data

    This paper analyses the link between the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and innovation performance in firms. Based on firm-level data from the German part of the Community Innovation Survey (CIS) 2018, we…

  3. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2022

    Greenwashing in the US metal industry? A novel approach combining SO2 concentrations from satellite data, a plant-level firm database and web text mining,

    This study deals with the issue of greenwashing, i.e. the false portrayal of companies as environmentally friendly. The analysis focuses on the US metal industry, which is a major emission source of sulfur…

  4. Referierte Fachzeitschrift // 2022

    Green start-ups and the role of founder personality

    Green start-ups play a vital role in the needed transition towards more environmentally sustainable economies. Yet our understanding of why some founders start green ventures and others do not remains…

  5. ZEWnews // 2022

    04 - 2022 mit Schwerpunkt M&A-Report