Human Resources

Key areas

  • Recruitment and application management
  • Supervision of employees, students and trainees
  • Advice on social security, fiscal law, collective bargaining law and employment law as well as other personal matters
  • Payroll accounting and auditing of travel expense accounts
  • Human resources development
  • Cooperation with employee union representation
  • Promotion and monitoring of equality and a family-friendly workplace at ZEW

The “Human Resources” team deals with all employee-related matters. Our team aims to give ZEW a decisive and competitive advantage in search of the best national and international talent by successfully recruiting applicants.

We use a diverse range of creative possibilities which allow us to continue to be a top employer and continuously improve ourselves. The ongoing promotion of topics such as family friendliness, equality and diversity are defining examples of this. We also play an important role in health and data protection. One of our greatest strengths is our ability to work with colleagues to find individual solutions for work organisation. As well as supporting our colleagues in these areas, we also advise them on any queries they may have relating to social security, fiscal law, collective bargaining law and employment law.

At ZEW, we place great importance on further education opportunities. Employees are encouraged to continuously develop their skills and thus expand their career potential. We continuously work on training and learning opportunities. We are also committed to the promotion of young talent. For this purpose, we offer various training courses and the possibility of internships which allows these talented individuals to gain a good insight into the work which is carried out here at the institute. Our HR department also supervises a large number of students who work at ZEW as student, graduate or research assistants. In return for the support ZEW receives from its students, they gain valuable insights and access to networks.

In all our activities and processes we pay attention to diversity-conscious and family-friendly thought and conduct. We strive to ensure that our employees are satisfied with their career experience here at ZEW at all times.