Key areas:

  • Digitalisation of business processes
  • Development of interfaces for the networking of IT systems
  • Initiation, planning and implantation of digitalisation projects

The team “Digitalisation” makes it possible for employees at ZEW to gradually create a digital working environment, which is effective and consistent. For this purpose, we create business processes to be sustainable and efficient through the medium of a linked, coordinated information management system. We analyse business processes as well as the necessary IT structure and determine the potential of optimisation.

We focus on the future digital working environment through various digitalisation projects and promote the digitalisation of business processes which are administrative and support science. New forms of work and the use of modern technologies, including above all mobile applications, are also taken into account in conjunction with IT-supported processes. We proceed in a user-focused manner and in consideration of our own digitalisation strategy. We also accompany IT procurement projects as well as various change processes.



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