1. Questions & Answers // 22.06.2016

    How Stable Is the German Pension System? – "A Tax-Financed Model Could Make the Pension System Sustainable"

    Almost half of all Germans retiring after 2030 will receive pension benefits placing them below the poverty line. This is a dour prospect, particularly when considering increasing life expectancy. Calls for the…
  2. Questions & Answers // 27.05.2016

    Is the British Referendum a Sign of Things to Come for the EU? – "Autonomy from Brussels is an Illusion"

    2016 is a crucial year for the future of the European Union. On June 23 the UK will vote on whether to remain in the EU. If the hotly debated Brexit were to occur, it would be a historical milestone, as no…
  3. Questions & Answers // 28.04.2016

    How Sustainable Are Germany's Planned Energy Market Reforms? – "The Planned Shutdown of Brown Coal Power Stations is Completely Ineffective"

    The federal government has revealed ambitious plans for new legislation. The electricity market law, the act on capacity reserves, and the law on digitalisation should ensure that the energy transition is…
  4. Questions & Answers // 22.03.2016

    Q&A: The Minimum Wage – A Boon or Bane for the German Labour Market? "The Minimum Wage is no Replacement for Necessary Educational Policies"

    While Germany did not introduce a statutory minimum wage across all industries until the beginning of 2015, the minimum wage was and remains a hotly disputed issue. With the minimum wage set to increase in…
  5. Questions & Answers // 17.02.2016

    Q&A: How groundbreaking is the Paris climate agreement? - "Keeping costs low is essential for emissions reduction goals to be reached"

    For many, an historical breakthrough was achieved at the end of the UN Climate Conference in December of last year: 195 nations ratified an agreement with the concrete goal of limiting global warming in a best…
  6. Questions & Answers // 16.12.2015

    Q&A: What Can We Expect from the European Banking Union? - "Fiscal Stability and Sustainable Growth Remain a Distant Hope in Europe"

    What began in 2007 as a crisis in the financial sector quickly expanded into a government debt crisis that continues to plague the politics and economy of Europe. The banking system has a double-edged role:…


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