1. 20.05.2020 · ZEW (ybr)
    Coronavirus | Solidarität | Krisenbewältigung | Schock | Öffentliche Schulden | ZEWlive
    The participants debated how Europe can overcome the Corona crisis through solidarity.

    The coronavirus crisis has not only severely affected many European countries, but is also putting European cohesion to the test. While the Member States and institutions such as the European Parliament and the European Commission are largely united on the need for a European response to the crisis, there is still disagreement on how the aid measures should be implemented. Who will provide the financial means? Should their allocation be linked to reform conditions? And what will happen after the crisis?

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  2. 19.05.2020 · ZEW (thp)
    Dates and News
    Schülerwettbewerb | Preisverleihung
    ZEW congratulates the largest economic school competition YES! on the Meritum Promotion Prize

    This year, the Meritum Promotion Prize of the Deutsches Aktieninstitut e.V. has been awarded to the YES! – Young Economic Summit project. ZEW Mannheim, academic partner for YES! and mentor of the winning teams of the past three years, congratulates Germany’s largest school competition regarding global economic issues on receiving the prize, which is endowed with 25,000 euros.

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  3. 08.05.2020 · ZEW (ggr/tko)
    Dates and News
    Coronavirus | Kooperation
    Chinese partners provide ZEW with 1,200 face masks during the corona pandemic.

    Chinese cooperation partners, with whom ZEW and other international partners jointly organise the annual Beijing Humboldt Forum (BHF), have sent 1,200 face masks to ZEW Mannheim as supporting measures against the coronavirus. Since this is a private initiative of Chinese researchers, who as private individuals are only allowed to send small quantities of masks, several parcels arrived at ZEW.

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  4. 29.04.2020 · ZEW (bhe/ybr)
    Knowledge Transfer and Qualification Programmes
    Wissenstransfer & Weiterbildung | Soft Skills | Virtual seminars
    During the corona crisis ZEW helps universities with online courses.

    The coronavirus crisis challenges the very core of teaching practice. Onsite seminars have been suspended and moved to the virtual space. To support lecturers at universities and other higher education institutions, ZEW now offers new online courses to develop high-quality e-learning formats.

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  5. 29.04.2020 · ZEW (awh)
    Coronavirus | Krisenmanagement
    Achim Wambach comments on crisis management during coronavirus pandemic.

    The world has changed dramatically over the past few weeks: countries everywhere have issued exit restrictions, many companies have halted operations, stock exchange markets are in turmoil, economic forecasts range from bad to terrible, and governments have approved unprecedented rescue packages. 

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  6. 15.04.2020 · ZEW (ybr)
    Public Events
    Wirtschaftskrise | Krisenmanagement | Europa | Deutschland | ZEWlive
    During the #ZEWlive event the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis were debated.

    The world is in a state of emergency. The spread of the coronavirus presents us with a situation we have never faced before. Our daily routines have radically changed; economies are struggling as supply and demand are collapsing at the same time. With a recession looming, policymakers are already discussing about how to reboot the economy. The crisis, which poses a crucial test for Germany and Europe, was the focus of #ZEWlive, an event hosted exclusively online for the first time as part of the ZEW event series “First-Hand Information on Economic Policy”.

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  7. 06.04.2020 · ZEW ()
    Coronavirus | Anreizregulierung | Krisenmanagement
    Dominik Rehse of ZEW advocates a reward for correct behaviour in the Corona crisis.

    The restrictions on public life imposed by German policymakers are effective measures for containing the coronavirus, but in addition to sanctioning those who breach the rules, instruments should be put in place that reward citizens for responsible behaviour. Mobile devices and systems are particularly well suited for implementing such a system, argues Dr. Dominik Rehse, head of the Junior Research Group “Digital Market Design”.

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  8. 30.03.2020 · ZEW (thp)
    Dates and News
    Coronavirus | Arbeitswelt | Wirtschaftskrise
    The ZEW theme page compiles information about the economic consequences of Covid19

    Working from home instead of at the office, suffering from existential fears instead of disposing of sufficient liquidity, and experiencing economic decline instead of a boom – the coronavirus pandemic has a direct impact both on the economy and on the population. We at ZEW are closely following these latest developments.

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  9. 30.03.2020 · ZEW (awh/fkr)
    Deutschland | Bundesregierung | Wirtschaftspolitik
    ZEW President Achim Wambach comments on the Corona rescue programme of the German government.

    The German Bundestag and the Bundesrat have approved the biggest rescue programme in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany. With a volume of up to 600 billion euros, the Economic Stabilisation Fund (WSF) aims to intervene in the economy and support German businesses during the difficult times amid the coronavirus pandemic. While the federal government’s swift and determined action is to be welcomed, greater account should be taken of the lessons learned from the financial crisis that began in 2007, argue ZEW President Professor Achim Wambach and Klaus Schmidt, professor at the University of Munich and chair of the Board of Academic Advisors to the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. 

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  10. 20.03.2020 · ZEW (dhr/ggr)
    Dates and News
    Schüler | Schülerwettbewerb
    The current winners of the ZEW student competition YES! 2019.

    Facts and fake news, working and welfare, interest rates and savings, start-ups and the green economy, labour markets and refugees – these are just some of the challenges facing our society and economy. We are more in need of innovative ideas than ever before, particularly from the younger generation. The YES! – Young Economic Summit, Germany’s biggest school competition based on social and economic issues, returns for 2020. Five teams of students from schools in Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse and Saarland came to ZEW Mannheim for the Southwest region kick-off in the week of 10–19 March 2020.

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