1. Opinion // 18.05.2005

    ZEW President Franz on Unemployment Benefits

    This article appeared in the May 2005 edition of the ZEWnews.
  2. Conferences // 28.04.2005

    Interaction Within the Family: Collective Approach and Bargaining Models (Turin, 28/29 October 2005)

    The workshop is organised jointly by the Centre for Household, Income, Labour and Demographic economics (CHILD, Turin), the C.V. STARR Center (New York University), the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA,…
  3. Opinion // 15.03.2005

    ZEW President Wolfgang Franz on the Term “Human Capital”

    This article appeared in the March 2005 edition of the ZEWnews.
  4. Conferences // 09.03.2005

    2nd ZEW Conference on Economics of Innovation and Patenting (19/20 September 2005)

    The conference objective is to stimulate discussion between international researchers conducting empirical and theoretical analysis on sources and effects of innovation, financing of innovation, and welfare…
  5. Opinion // 15.02.2005

    ZEW President Franz on the EU Lisbon Strategy

    This article appeared in the January/February edition of the ZEWnews.
  6. Conferences // 10.01.2005

    LoWER Annual Conference 2005 - European Low-wage Employment Research Network (15/16 April 2005)

    LoWER and the ZEW are jointly organising the first annual scientific conference of the third phase of the LoWER network (2004-2007). The overarching theme of this phase is The Insecure Perspectives of the Low…
  7. Conferences // 09.12.2004

    5th ZEW Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technologies (1/2 July 2005)

    The conference objective is to discuss recent scientific contributions on the economics of information and communication technologies (ICT) and the economics of ICT industries. Theoretical, empirical,…
  8. Opinion // 08.12.2004

    ZEW President Franz on Unisex Tariffs and Overzealous Anti-discrimination Policies

    This article appeared in the December 2004 edition of the ZEWnews.
  9. Research // 30.11.2004

    Efficiency Aspects of National Allocation Plans - A Simulation Model

    Presentation of a simulation model for the assessment of national allocation plans of the EU-15 countries, developed by the Research Department “Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management” …
  10. Opinion // 08.11.2004

    ZEW President Franz on Credibility in Economic Policy Practice

    This piece appeared in the November 2004 edition of the ZEWnews.