1. Opinion // 08.12.2004

    ZEW President Franz on Unisex Tariffs and Overzealous Anti-discrimination Policies

    This article appeared in the December 2004 edition of the ZEWnews.
  2. Research // 30.11.2004

    Efficiency Aspects of National Allocation Plans - A Simulation Model

    Presentation of a simulation model for the assessment of national allocation plans of the EU-15 countries, developed by the Research Department “Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management” …
  3. Opinion // 14.10.2004

    ZEW President Franz on Evaluation Mania

    This piece appeared in the October 2004 edition of the ZEWnews.
  4. Research // 27.09.2004

    Study on Tax Burdens: Corporate Taxes Continue to Decrease in Eastern Europe

    The effective tax burden in the new EU Member States is considerably lower than that in Germany, where corporate taxes are almost three times as high as in Lithuania. Investment in the new EU Member States has…
  5. Opinion // 06.09.2004

    ZEW President Franz on Industrial Policy

    This piece appeared in the September 2004 edition of the ZEWnew
  6. Opinion // 16.07.2004

    ZEW President Franz on Eastern Reconstruction

    This piece appeared July/August 2004 edition of the ZEWnews.
  7. Opinion // 11.06.2004

    ZEW President Franz on Tax Dumping

    This article appeared in the June edition of the ZEWnews.
  8. Personnel // 25.05.2004

    ZEW Executive Director Ernst-O. Schulze Celebrates 40 Years of Service

    On 25 May 2004, Ernst-O. Schulze, executive director of the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim, will be celebrating 40 years of his professional service.
  9. Opinion // 10.05.2004

    ZEW President Franz on Germany’s Position as World’s Number One Exporter

    This article appeared in the May edition of the ZEWnews.
  10. Research // 04.05.2004

    Blueprint for an Integration of Science, Technology and Environmental Policy

    Results of intensive discussions about the connection between innovation and environmental policy in an international network of researchers