1. Opinion // 20.10.2006

    ZEW President Wolfgang Franz on Combined Wages

    It is well-known that the German government intends to evaluate the possibility of introducing combined wages. Therefore, the government asked the German Council of Economic Experts to provide an expert report…
  2. Opinion // 06.09.2006

    ZEW President Wolfgang Franz on Germany as a Business Location – Cost Benefits

    The Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia and vice-chair of the conservative party CDU, Dr. Jürgen Rüttgers, was quoted as saying: The belief that tax cuts will lead to more investment and more jobs is…
  3. Opinion // 20.07.2006

    ZEW President Wolfgang Franz on missed opportunities to reform Germany’s statutory health insurance

    By now, the restructuring of the statutory health insurance (SHI) has gradually taken shape as indicated in the white paper issued on July 4, 2006 by the German federal government. Although several essential…
  4. Research // 02.05.2006

    Opportunities and Limits of Reverse Mortgages

    Special Question in ZEW Financial Market Survey: Reverse Mortgages in Germany Reverse mortgages are a type of mortgage loan that allows homeowners to receive monthly payments based on the value of their homes…
  5. Opinion // 13.04.2006

    ZEW President Wolfgang Franz on the Design of a Corporation Tax Reform – Tax Reform

    Germany is still one of the highest taxed countries when it comes to corporation tax. This has been confirmed by international comparisons conducted by ZEW and the German Council of Economic Experts. As a…
  6. Conferences // 22.02.2006

    3rd Conference on Policy Evaluation (October 27-28, 2006)

    The conference objective is to discuss recent scientific contributions on econometric evaluation research in different fields of economics. Theoretical, empirical, experimental and policy oriented contributions…
  7. Opinion // 19.12.2005

    ZEW President Franz on the Issue of “Inheritance Tax”

    This article appeared in the December 2005 edition of the ZEWnews.
  8. Opinion // 25.11.2005

    ZEW President Franz on the Topic of "Making Claims" in the Context of Unemployment Pay II (ALG II)

    This article appeared in the November 2005 edition of the ZEWnews
  9. Conferences // 03.11.2005

    Workshop on Firm Exit and Serial Entrepreneurship (13/14 January 2006)

    New firms are an important trigger for the generation and diffusion of new products and processes. If successful, new firms contribute significantly to the creation of jobs and to economic growth. However, new…
  10. Opinion // 24.10.2005

    ZEW President Franz on the Topic “German”

    In the latest edition of the ZEWnews, ZEW President Professor Wolfgang Franz gives his thoughts on German as a science language.