1. Research // 07.12.2010

    Study on the German ICT Sector as a Trailblazer in Innovation

    The ICT sector is one of the most innovative sectors in Germany, with 7 per cent of revenue going into innovative projects. Germany is also a leading centre of technology for ICT (information and communication…
  2. Opinion // 06.12.2010


    Take a close look at your advent wreath. Was is made out of dried leaves when you bought it or did you opt for a fresh one? You might ask whether this is anyone’s business but your own. Well, apparently the…
  3. Public Events // 02.12.2010

    ZEW President Franz Presented Annual Report 2010/11 by German Council of Economic Experts in Berlin, Brussels, Stuttgart and Karlsruhe

    As in previous years, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Wolfgang Franz, ZEW President and Chairman of the German Council of Economic Experts, presented the main results of the new Annual Report 2010/2011 in Berlin,…
  4. Research // 30.11.2010

    Study on Growth Stimuli in the “Internet of Services”

    According to a recent study looking at the economic potential of the “Internet of Services”, a new service sector with the potential to become a billion-dollar industry has established itself online. This will…
  5. Workshop // 25.11.2010

    The Economics of Green IT

    On 22 November 2010, ZEW held a workshop on “The Economics of Green IT”. The term “green IT” refers to energy-saving strategies in production and use of information technology as well as IT-based innovations…
  6. Personnel // 22.11.2010

    Andreas Löschel now Professor at Heidelberg University

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Löschel, head of the ZEW research department "Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management" was appointed professor for economics with focus on environmental and resource…
  7. Personnel // 18.11.2010

    Professor Van Anh Vuong Visiting Researcher at ZEW

    Van Anh Vuong was a visiting researcher at ZEW's Research Department “Industrial Economics and International Management” from 18 November to 17 December 2010. At the time of this visit, Ms Anh Vuong was working…
  8. Opinion // 15.11.2010

    Miracle Cures

    Proponents of the introduction of a broad-based minimum wage in Germany have slowly begun to view minimum wage law as a miracle cure-all, a veritable wonder drug for all ailments suffered by the body of the…
  9. Conferences // 09.11.2010

    Seco@home Closing Conference

    The closing conference for the research project seco@home was held at the end of September 2010 at the Evangelical Academy Loccum. The seco@home project spent two years looking at the consumer decisions made by…
  10. Conferences // 04.11.2010

    Conference on Systemic Risk and Incentives

    On 23 and 24 September 2010, the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) and the European Business School hosted the “Third Conference on Financial Integration and Stability: Systemic Risk and Incentives”.…


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