1. Dates and News // 15.09.2011

    9th Conference on the Economics of Information and Communication Technology

    At the end of June the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) hosted its ninth conference on "The Economics of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)", which was attended by 50 scientists from both…
  2. Opinion // 08.09.2011


    It‘s not long since the European Central Bank (ECB) enjoyed great respectability on account of its credible independence and stability-orientated monetary politics. Now, however, the ECB is in choppy waters…
  3. Dates and News // 01.09.2011

    Cornelia Lawson, PhD, Visiting Researcher at ZEW

    From 19 to 30 September 2011, Cornelia Lawson, PhD, is visiting researcher at the ZEW research department "Industrial Economics and International Management". Cornelia Lawson is post-doctoral fellow at the…
  4. Dates and News // 29.08.2011

    ZEW Seminar Programme 2011/12 available

    The new ZEW Seminar Programme has recently been published. From September 2011 until June 2012, ZEW offers numerous expert seminars on current issues and questions again. Being jointly organised and held by ZEW…
  5. Questions & Answers // 25.08.2011

    Debt Crisis in the United States - "US Economy Faces Weaker Growth"

    The United States has raised its legal debt limit by $2.1 trillion. Additionally, the country plans to save $2.4 trillion over the next ten years. Dr. Marcus Kappler, deputy head of the Growth and Business…
  6. Dates and News // 28.07.2011

    Brant Morefield, PhD, Visiting Researcher at ZEW

    From July 17 to 27, 2011, Brant Morefield was visiting researcher in the ZEW research department "Labour Markets, Human Resources and Social Policy". Brant is a Senior Analyst/PhD Economist for Abt Associates…
  7. Opinion // 18.07.2011

    Electric Vehicles and Government Subsidies

    Whenever the question arises of how best to deal with government deficits, businesses and their professional associations often identify subsidies as the place to start. Yet, instead of calling for subsidies to…
  8. Dates and News // 15.07.2011

    Professor Norman Gemmell Visiting Researcher at ZEW

    From July 11 to 15, 2011, Professor Norman Gemmell was visiting researcher at the ZEW research department "Corporate Taxation and Public Finance". Norman Gemmell taught and researched at the University of…
  9. Questions & Answers // 13.07.2011

    Is the reduction of Germany's national debt feasible? "In Times of Growth, Economists Often Forget Keynes"

    Germany's economy is strong: exports are at record-breaking levels, unemployment is down and billions of euros in additional tax revenues are pouring into state coffers. Given these positive developments, how…
  10. Dates and News // 04.07.2011

    ZEW Economic Forum 2011 – Global Economic Upheaval: Consequences for Economic Policy After Crises

    This year's ZEW Economic Forum in Mannheim was all about the global financial and economic crisis and its consequences. Topics for discussion included a reform of the national and international financial…


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