1. Comment // 13.06.2013

    Expert Statement by ZEW President Clemens Fuest Before the Federal Constitutional Court

    ZEW President Prof. Clemens Fuest delivered an expert statement for the oral hearing in the ESM/ECB principal proceedings before the Federal Constitutional Court regarding the European Central Bank’s policy to…
  2. Questions & Answers // 10.06.2013

    The Results of the Joint Economic Forecast for Spring 2013 - Positive Signals for the German Economy

    Thanks to an improved situation on financial markets and easing global economic headwinds, conditions are favourable for the German economy. This is the conclusion of the latest Joint Economic Forecast…
  3. Opinion // 10.06.2013

    Germany must strengthen its balanced-budget amendment at the state level

    In 2009 German policymakers ratified a constitutional amendment to limit new debt creation. The "debt brake" provisions that were adopted stipulate that all German states must have balanced budgets by 2020. The…