1. 20.09.2012 (ybr)

    The Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Université Libre de Bruxelles, and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid are pleased to announce the SEEK workshop "Patent Litigation in Europe – A Story of War and Settlement", scheduled for November 22, 2012, in Brussels. The international workshop is located within the framework of the research programme "Strengthening Efficiency and Competitiveness in the European Knowledge Economies" (SEEK). It aims to thoroughly discuss the effectiveness and efficiency of the current and potential future patent litigation system in the EU.

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  2. 17.09.2012 · ZEW ()
    Labour Market Theory | Dismissal protection

    From the mid-aughts till today, the German labour market has seen a marked rise in the number of employees. This positive trend – interrupted only by the downturn in 2009, which was mild given the gravity of the recession – has quelled debate about labour market inflexibility in Germany. It has even been suggested that the rigidity of German labour laws stimulated the rise in employment.

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  3. 17.09.2012 · ZEW (ybr)
    Strengthening Macroeconomic Policies (MPS+)
    Asia | Strengthening Macroeconomic Policies (MPS+) | Knowledge Transfer and Qualification Programmes

    Since mid-September, the qualification programme "Strengthening Macroeconomic Policies" (MPS+) has been taking place at the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim. ZEW is organising this programme on behalf of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH already for the fourth time. Professionals and executives from various ministries and central banks of Asian countries are guests at ZEW for a period of ten weeks. Participants from Vietnam, China, and, for the first time, professionals from Myanmar are taking part in this year's qualification programme.

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  4. 13.09.2012 (ybr)

    Professor Benno Torgler, PhD, was visiting researcher at the ZEW Research Department "Corporate Taxation and Public Finance" from August 20 to September 11, 2012. Benno Torgler is Professor at Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. His primary research interest is applied economics. During his stay, he was working with ZEW researchers on the incentive effects and determinants of medal awards during the Second World War.

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  5. 12.09.2012 · ZEW (jgl/ybr)
    Real estate market | Financing | Real estate

    During the third quarter of 2012, the market participants’ expectations regarding financing conditions on the German real estate market have deteriorated. Compared to the previous quarter, the German Real Estate Finance Index (DIFI) decreased by 8.6 points and has thus reached its historic low of minus 26.7 points. These are the findings of the quarterly ZEW survey among real estate market experts concerning the real estate financing market in Germany. 41 experts participated in the August survey.

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  6. 04.09.2012 (ybr)
    Questions & Answers
    Price fixing

    In an empirical study of a large German cement cartel, ZEW researchers examined the effects of overt collusion on consumers and economic welfare. Kai Hüschelrath, the head of ZEW's new "Competition and Regulation" research group, explains the most important findings.

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  7. 22.08.2012 (ybr)
    Dates and News

    Professor Dr. Xiaohu Feng, Professor Zhongxiu Zhao, PhD, and Professor Jinjun Xue were visiting researchers at the ZEW Research Department “Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management“ from August 23-25, 2012. Xiaohu Feng and Zhongxiu Zhao are professors at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China. Jinjun Xue is professor at the Graduate School of Economics of Nagoya University in Japan. During their stay at ZEW, opportunities for further cooperation and a joint in-house workshop on "Global Low Carbon Strategies: ETS and Beyond" were the main focus.

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  8. 17.08.2012 · ZEW (ybr)
    Questions & Answers

    Europe should address the crisis of confidence at the European bond markets through a direct equalisation of interest rates. Such a solution, as suggested by Friedrich Heinemann, rules out the collective liability of Eurobonds and is affordable even if applied to Spain and Italy.

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  9. 08.08.2012 (ybr)
    Dates and News

    Associate Professor Shunsake Managi, PhD, is visiting researcher at the ZEW Research Department "Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management" from July 19 to August 25, 2012. He is Associate Professor of Resource and Environmental Economics at the Graduate School of Environmental Studies of Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. During his stay, he works with ZEW researchers on research topics such as productivity and competitiveness measurement, innovation, and emission trading, as well as the employment of economic field experiments in public goods and emission trading.

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  10. 07.08.2012 (ybr)
    Dates and News

    On August 7, 2012, a high-ranking delegation of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics visited the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW) in Mannheim. The group consisted of the twenty directors of the statistical offices of Beijing Municipality. In an intensive information exchange, they gained insights into the activities and research areas in which ZEW is engaged.

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