1. 14.09.2021 · ZEW (jbe/nha/gli/sel)
    Productivity | Enterprise | Start-up dynamism | Germany
     Seven young people stand gathered around a table in conversation.

    For years, a decline in productivity growth and a slowdown in industrial dynamics have been clearly visible in almost all sectors in Germany. Policymakers fear that this will have long-term effects on economic growth and employment. What is needed are significantly stronger business and productivity dynamics. But how can this be achieved? Especially companies in the low-tech sector are important drivers of productivity growth. So far, however, they have not been given enough attention by policymakers, as a recent study by ZEW Mannheim on behalf of the Bertelsmann Stiftung shows.

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  2. 10.09.2021 · ZEW (awh/mot)
    Statement | Market design | Electricity market | price of electricity
    Picture of ZEW President Achim Wambach

    The rapid expansion of renewables has created new challenges for security of supply. Long-term forward contracts could help to address them.

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  3. 03.09.2021 · ZEW (msc/ybr)
    Business Cycle Tableaus by ZEW and Börsen-Zeitung
    Business Cycle | Short-term forecast | Inflation | ECB
    German economy is now on a relatively robust growth path.

    Economic experts expect consumer prices to continue to rise, but still consider this to be only a short-term phenomenon. Moreover, they are confident that the German economy has now embarked on a fairly stable growth path. This is the result of the business cycle tableaus by ZEW Mannheim and the German daily newspaper, Börsen-Zeitung.

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  4. 31.08.2021 · ZEW (ssi/chs/deg)
    ZEWPodcast | Election | Social Policy | Family policy | Coalition government | Elections
    Picture of ZEW economist Sebastian Siegloch in the #ZEWPodcast

    Germany will elect a new federal government on 26 September. Parties’ election campaigns are in full swing. As always, money is a crucial factor to win votes. In their election programmes, parties propose ideas to restructure taxes and the social security system. In the #ZEWPodcast, Professor Sebastian Siegloch, head of the ZEW Research Department “Social Policy and Redistribution”, explains how these reform proposals are reflected in citizens’ account balances.

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  5. 20.08.2021 · ZEW (ybr)
    Professorship | Taxes | Education

    Dr. Barbara Stage has been appointed assistant professor of financial accounting and business taxation at WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management as of 1 August 2021. Previously, she was a researcher in the “Corporate Taxation and Public Finance” Research Department at ZEW Mannheim and completed her PhD under the supervision of Professor Christoph Spengel at the University of Mannheim.

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  6. 17.08.2021 · ZEW (sbl/ybr)
    Democracy | Elections | Information | Media usage | Knowledge transfer
    The scientists in the panel discussion

    How well informed are Germans about economic policy issues? And when it comes to understanding reform projects in politics: What role do economic literacy and disinformation play? How important is the transfer of knowledge? These and other questions were discussed by researchers at a workshop organised by ZEW Mannheim in cooperation with the Brigitte Strube Stiftung on 8 July 2021.

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  7. 16.08.2021 · ZEW (sse/ybr)
    Questions & Answers
    Women?s wages | Labour Market | Questions & Answers
    Picture by ZEW economist Susanne Steffes

    Family leaves, part-time work, poorly paid jobs – the causes for the different income levels between women and men are many. In Germany, women currently earn on average 19 per cent less than men.

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  8. 10.08.2021 · ZEW (ggr)
    Dates and News
    Research Award | Digitisation | World of work
    [Translate to English:] The theme of this year's award is "Working World of the Future".

    In 2021, the Volksbank Weinheim Stiftung and ZEW Mannheim will present the “Future of the Working World” research award for the ninth time. The award aims to honour outstanding doctoral and master’s theses in economics completed at universities and non-university research institutions in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. The award for the best dissertation is endowed with 3,000 euros. The best master’s thesis is rewarded with 2,000 euros. The award also includes the opportunity for a research stay at ZEW. The deadline for submissions is 31 October 2021.

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  9. 06.08.2021 · ZEW (awh)
    Statement | Coronavirus | Economic sciences | Market design | Crisis management
    [Translate to English:] Prof. Achim Wambach, Ph.D., im Standpunkt zur Coronakrise.

    While it would perhaps be hyperbolic to speak of a triumphal moment in economics, as Canadian economist Joshua Gans does, the success with which many governments have averted the negative economic impacts of the pandemic is cause for commendation, for it could have easily triggered a severe and long-lasting recession. Although the crisis has not yet been fully surmounted and there are numerous lessons to be absorbed, enough time has elapsed to draw some initial conclusions regarding the German crisis response.

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  10. 06.08.2021 · ZEW (msc/ybr)
    Business Cycle Tableaus by ZEW and Börsen-Zeitung
    Business Cycle | Short-term forecast | Inflation | GDP
    Euro Area Economy Growing

    The forecasts of the economic experts for economic growth in the euro area were slightly increased; according to the forecasts, the German economy would perform significantly better than the average of the euro area during the coronavirus crisis. It will be intersting to see the further development of the inflation rate. This is the result of the business cycle tableaus by ZEW Mannheim and the German daily newspaper, Börsen-Zeitung.

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