1. Strengthening Macroeconomic Policies... // 19.11.2012

    Macroeconomic Qualification Programme MPS+ Successfully Concluded

    Experts and executives from government institutions from China, Burma, and Vietnam successfully concluded the qualification programme “Strengthening Macroeconomic Policies” (MPS+) at the Centre for European…
  2. Conferences // 16.11.2012

    Marcel Fratzscher Speaks at ZEW Research Seminar

    Dr. Marcel Fratzscher addressed a controversial issue that is currently fuelling worldwide political debate at the ZEW Research Seminar: he discussed the results of a study on the global impact of the monetary…
  3. Opinion // 07.11.2012


    Since the middle of the last decade the situation on the German labour market has made a significant change for the better. The number of people in employment increased by 2.7 million between 2005 and 2012.…
  4. Questions & Answers // 05.11.2012

    The Results of the Autumn 2012 Joint Economic Forecast - Risks for the German Economy

    Despite the strains of the European debt crisis, Germany's economy has remained fairly stable relative to other eurozone countries. This is the conclusion of the latest Joint Economic Forecast (or…
  5. Dates and News // 25.10.2012

    ZEW at the Apprenticeship Day of Leibniz Association in Berlin

    ZEW employee Lisa Sattel completed her apprenticeship as an office communication assistant and a foreign language correspondent at ZEW with great success. The Leibniz Association acknowledged her commitment by…
  6. Research // 24.10.2012

    Joint Economic Forecast Autumn 2010: Germany On The Upswing – Economic Policy Faces Important Decisions

    The German economy is on the upswing. The institutes forecast an increase of the real gross domestic product by 3.5 percent in 2010 and 2.0 percent in 2011. The situation on the labour market will continue to…
  7. Opinion // 11.10.2012


    As the European debt crisis grinds on, some countries, especially Italy and Spain, have complained that despite having initiated reforms they must pay "unreasonably" high interest rates to finance their…
  8. Questions & Answers // 11.10.2012

    Is Excessive Patent Protection a Problem for the Economy? Patents Should Only Be Granted When They Ensure Technological Progress

    In many areas of technology, the road to new products leads through a dense thicket of existing patents that threatens to hinder innovation. A new ZEW study has found that patent rights are often distributed…


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