1. Personnel // 10.09.2010

    Ramiro Fernando Parrado Moscoso Visiting Researcher at ZEW

    Ramiro Parrado was a visiting researcher in the ZEW Research Department “Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management” from 10 September to 31 December 2010. At the time of his visit, he was a…
  2. Questions & Answers // 26.08.2010

    Youth Unemployment in Germany – Improving Educational Outreach to Disadvantaged Children and Young People

    A ZEW study has shown that over the last few years 13 per cent of young people between the ages of 17 and 19 in Germany are not in employment, education or training – and this figure is on the rise. This is…
  3. Dates and News // 20.08.2010

    ZEW Seminar Programme 2010/11

    The latest ZEW Seminar Programme has just been released. From October 2010 to June 2011, ZEW is once again offering a great number of expert-led seminars and symposiums.
  4. Opinion // 13.08.2010

    Predicting the Future

    The future is open and uncertain. Philosophers have devoted little attention to this realisation, so banal does it seem. However, according to Immanuel Kant, people do have free will; you may dictate in advance…
  5. Workshop // 12.08.2010

    Expectations and Forming Expectations on the Financial Markets

    From 15 to 17 June 2010, ZEW hosted its Summer Workshop for Young Economist for the twelfth year in a row. This year the event was run by the ZEW Research Department “International Finance and Financial…
  6. Personnel // 06.08.2010

    Friedrich Heinemann Becomes a Professor

    Dr. Friedrich Heinemann, head of the ZEW Research Department “Corporate Taxation and Public Finance” was granted a professorship by the University of Heidelberg in the subject of economics in July 2010. In his…
  7. Symposia // 04.08.2010

    Mannheim Corporate Tax Day

    Tax-oriented Valuation On 22 June 2010, ZEW and the University of Mannheim welcomed 100 guests to this year’s Mannheim Corporate Tax Day. Held on an annual basis, this event provides a forum for prominent…
  8. Personnel // 03.08.2010

    ZEW Researcher Appointed as Junior Professor

    Professor Felix Schindler, a researcher in the ZEW Research Department “International Finance and Financial Management”, has been appointed as a junior professor at the Steinbeis Hochschule in Berlin. Professor…
  9. Questions & Answers // 07.07.2010

    Is the Weak Euro a Problem? Budgetary Discipline Will Help to Strengthen the Euro

    The single currency is under immense pressure from the various debt problems in a number of Eurozone countries, having experienced a considerable drop in value compared to the US dollar in recent weeks.…
  10. Dates and News // 07.07.2010

    Finance Minister Stächele Visits ZEW

    The finance minister for Baden-Württemberg, Willi Stächele MdL, recently conducted a fact-finding visit at ZEW. He was accompanied by State Secretary Dr. Stefan Scheffold, Ministerial Director Dr. Gisela…