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  1. 19.05.2021 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: SWEEEP Seminar

    Speaker: Patrick Baylis (The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada)

  2. 20. - 21.05.2021 · Scientific Events Conference

    Keynote Speakers: Christiane Baumeister (University of Notre Dame, USA), Kenneth Gillingham (Yale University, USA), Ashley Langer (University of Arizona, USA), Erik T. Verhoef (VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

  3. 20.05.2021 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: Mannheim Virtual IO Seminar

    Speaker: Heski Bar-Isaac (University of Toronto, Canada)

  4. 24.05.2021 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: Virtual Market Design Seminar

    Speaker: Yeon-Koo Che (Columbia University, New York, USA)

  5. 26.05.2021 · Scientific Events Research Seminars: Mannheim Applied Seminar

    Speaker: Ghazala Azmat (Sciences Po, Paris, France)

Executive Directors Professor Achim Wambach and Thomas Kohl

Executive Directors

Achim Wambach, President
Thomas Kohl, Managing Director

ZEW’s main goals are to

  • conduct politically relevant research and
  • provide science-based policy advice.
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