Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz

Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz

Labour Markets and Social Insurance

Melanie Arntz is Deputy Head of ZEW’s Research Unit “Labour Markets and Social Insurance" and Leibniz Professor of Labour Economics at Heidelberg University. Her research focusses on the question how changing labour market conditions such as an increasing digitalization of work tasks and the proceeding international division of production processes affects labour markets and individuals. She is also interested in the dynamics of individual labour market careers in response to these phenomena and the impact of regional labour market conditions on these dynamics.
Melanie Arntz is coordinator of the research area “Digitalisation and Structural Change” and has a long record of research projects and research-oriented policy consulting. She has been appointed to the Labour Council of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in 2022, is a member of the committee on regional and urban economics of the Verein für Socialpolitik and co-editor of the Journal of Labour Market Research.
Melanie Arntz studied geography at the University of Bonn and the University of Minnesota in the US. After taking a second major in economics, she received her doctorate in economics in 2007 at the Technical University of Darmstadt for her dissertation entitled “The Geographic Mobility of Heterogeneous Labour in Germany”.

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Melanie Arntz

Prof. Dr. Melanie Arntz

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Unit: Labour Markets and Social Insurance

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