Dr. Klaus Rennings was working at ZEW from 1994 on. He was Acting Head of the Research Department "Environmental and Resource Economics, Environmental Management". Klaus Rennings died unexpectedly in September 2015.

Klaus Rennings obtained his PhD 1994 at the University of Muenster, Institute of Transport Economics, with a thesis on "Indicators of Sustainable Development". During the same time, he was assistant at the "German Council of Environmental Advisors", an interdisciplinary advisory council of environmental scientists for the Federal Government. His doctoral thesis was finished and published 1994 with the title "Sustainability Indicators".

His main fields of research were:

  • Specification of rules, indicators, and strategies for sustainable economic activities
  • Determinants and economic impacts of environmental innovations
  • Eco-innovation policies
  • Sustainability Impacts Assessment

Klaus Rennings was widely published in journals such as Ecological Economics and Journal of Evolutionary Economics. He was an experienced leader of big national and international projects, including the EU STRATA network Blueprint ("Blueprints for an Integration of Science, Technology and Environmental Policy") and the EU Project I.Q. Tools ("Indicators and Quantitative Tools for Improving the Process of Impact Assessment for Sustainability"). His project co-ordinations included two big projects funded by the German Ministry of Research, "Lead Market Strategies: First Mover, Early Follower and Late Follower" and "The Social Dimension of the Rebound Effect". He was a member of the committee environmental and resource economics of the German Economic Association (Verein für Socialpolitik).

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