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  1. Health care in German Households - Effects on Intra-family Time-Use and Expenditures


    This project intends to measure the effects of health care policies and the need for health care of one of the spouses on the intra-household allocation of resources. Our analysis is based on a micro-economic [...] process. In particular, the need for health care of one of the family members may have impacts on both individual and household time-use (work, leisure and health care) and consumption expenditures. Therefore [...] the question whether the individual and family welfare may be improved by any reform of the public health care insurance system.

  2. “The Conflict Between Broad-Based Health Care and Limited Resources”

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    ZEW set up the Project Group “Health Care Markets and Health Policy”. ZEW economist Dr. Simon Reif explains in the following interview what exactly health economics is, where we encounter it in our day-to-day [...] questions the project group is pursuing. - Simon Reif is a health economist and has headed the Project Group “Health Care Markets and Health Policy” at ZEW Mannheim since January 2021. His research interests [...] The health economy is not only of considerable economic importance to Germany. Health services are also an essential part of the provision of public services for its citizens. At the start of 2021, ZEW

  3. Refereed Journal - Increased Instruction Time and Stress-Related Health Problems among School Children


    study its effects on stress-related outpatient diagnoses from the universe of health claims data of the German Social Health Insurance. Exploiting the differential timing in the reform implementation across [...] While several studies suggest that stress-related mental health problems among school children are related to specific elements of schooling, empirical evidence on this causal relationship is scarce. We [...] across states, we show that the reform slightly increased stress-related health problems among school children. While increasing instruction time might increase student performance, it might have adverse

  4. Large-Scale Rapid Testing Could Ease Fears over COVID-19 Infections at Screenings

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    help close this screening gap,” explains Dr. Simon Reif , head of the Project Group “Health Care Markets and Health Policy” at ZEW. In a combined analysis of recent international studies and Google Trends [...] the first wave of the pandemic in spring 2020. This could have a negative impact on overall public health, as late diagnosis can reduce the chances of successful treatment. Fear of contracting COVID-19 seems

  5. Health Economics at ZEW Starts off Successfully

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    degree of digitalisation in the health care sector, the procurement of health care products and redistribution in health insurance. The new “Health Care Markets and Health Policy” Project Group centres on [...] medical services, regional health care provision, the behaviour of health professionals and innovations in the health industry are addressed. In the research area ‘individual health’, factors such as work [...] individual health. Recent projects also examine the effects of medical interventions, especially new patient-oriented digital health applications, on individual health and their cost-benefit ratio. Health economics

  6. Coronavirus Contact-Tracing App: Potential and Weaknesses


    tracing carried out by the local health authorities, which are actually responsible for this. There is absolutely no exchange of information between the app and the local health authorities. This also means [...] conomy · Research · Debates”, he also brings home the message of how the app could support local health authorities in the coronavirus crisis. Even if the coronavirus contact-tracing app warns a user that [...] means that an actual capacity relief for the local health authorities is hardly possible this way,” explains Rehse. “Both contact-tracing systems should complement each other, rather than replace one another

  7. Increase in COVID-19 Infections After ‘Querdenken’ Protests

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    the conflicting objectives between the restriction on fundamental rights of freedom and the public health measures taken in order to prevent infections. According to the study by ZEW Mannheim, personal conduct [...] wearing a facial covering or by disregarding social distancing rules, can have a big impact on public health. “A small, mobile minority of people who do not obey the current hygiene rules can pose a great risk

  8. Project Group Health Care Markets and Health Policy


    individual health and effectiveness of interventions The Project Group “Health Care Markets and Health Policy” is dedicated to the analysis of health care markets and the evaluation of health policy measures [...] into how the design of health care can be improved based on empirical studies. Our work focuses on the analysis of routine, survey and experimental data on the behaviour of health care providers and patients