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  1. Health care in German Households - Effects on Intra-family Time-Use and Expenditures


    This project intends to measure the effects of health care policies and the need for health care of one of the spouses on the intra-household allocation of resources. Our analysis is based on a micro-economic [...] process. In particular, the need for health care of one of the family members may have impacts on both individual and household time-use (work, leisure and health care) and consumption expenditures. Therefore [...] the question whether the individual and family welfare may be improved by any reform of the public health care insurance system.

  2. Optimal Fuel Taxation with Suboptimal Health Choices


    Moreover, public health research has identified large additional social gains from active travel due to health benefits of increased physical exercise. The authors introduce health benefits and active [...] increases. Under the central assumptions, the increase is 34 % in the US and 38 % in the UK when health benefits from physical exercise are included. The authors argue that fuel taxes should be implemented [...] implemented jointly with other policies aimed at increasing the uptake of active travel to reap the full health benefits.</p>

  3. Living Sustainability at ZEW


    made available information documents to point out career options for PhD candidates. In the area of health, activities like weekly yoga classes or the corporate running event organised by Bauhaus were met

  4. Referierte Fachzeitschrift - A Systems Approach to Evaluating the Air Quality Co-benefits of US Carbon Policies


    approach to quantify air quality co-benefits of US policies to reduce GHG (carbon) emissions. We assess health-related benefits from reduced ozone and particulate matter (PM2.5) by linking three advanced models [...] co-benefits to key policy-relevant sources of uncertainty and variability. We find that monetized human health benefits associated with air quality improvements can offset 26–1,050% of the cost of US carbon policies

  5. Uniform Pricing in Healthcare Procurement


    direct policy implications. It could guide future policies aimed at reducing public expenditure in the health sector. The project team is already in contact with the Italian anti-corruption authority which has