Simple English

This is the website of ZEW Mannheim

  • Here you can find lots of information on ZEW. 
  • On this page you will find information in Simple English. 

Lots of people find Simple English easier to read.
There are many reasons for this:

  • Some people have difficulties reading English.
  • Some people have disabilities.
  • Some people have difficulties to understand long sentences.

Simple English does not only mean simple words.
Simple English uses clear rules.
Simple English is a specific way of writing.
This is why it is written in capital letters.

Here you can find easy-to-read information on:

  • What you can find on our website.
  • How you can find information.

ZEW does research on the economy. 
On this page you can find information on: 

  • the work of ZEW
  • the goals of ZEW

We want to help people know and understand

  • what ZEW does
  • what ZEW is planning on doing

About ZEW

ZEW was founded in 1990.

ZEW is located in Mannheim.

The State Government of Baden Württemberg supported the launch of ZEW.
This means: The State Government of Baden Württemberg helped found ZEW.
To launch or found a company means: To create a new company.

The full name of ZEW is:
ZEW – Leibniz Centre for European Economic Research.

ZEW is part of the Leibniz Association.

The Leibniz Association is a group of research institutes.
We have a very long name.
So, many people call us: ZEW Mannheim.
In short: ZEW.

There are different departments at ZEW. 
Another word for department is unit.

8 units do research.
They are called research units.

3 departments help the research units.
They are called service units.

More than 200 people work at ZEW.

Achim Wambach is the head of ZEW.
He is the president of ZEW.

But he does not do that alone:
He runs ZEW together with Managing Director Thomas Kohl.

What is the goal of ZEW?

ZEW does economic research.

  • To help us understand economy.
  • To help us understand how the economy will look like in the future.

Where does the money come from?

ZEW receives money

  • from the European Commission,
  • from ministries and institutions on federal and state level,
  • from companies and associations, 
  • from the German Research Foundation, 
  • from foundations,
  • from organisations.

Most of the money comes from federal and state institutions.

The rest comes from other organisations.
Like ministries.
Or the European Commission.
And companies.
When money is collected like this, this is called third-party funding.

The ZEW Sponsors’ Association for Science and Practice supports ZEW.

What is important to ZEW?

  • Open access to scientific research
    This means: Scientific research is for everyone. We want everyone to have information about our research.
  • Good scientific work
  • Sustainability
    This means: We also think about the future in our work. We want all people to be able to live a good life on our planet. Today and in the future.
    There is more information about this in our sustainability report (in German).
  • Knowledge for everyone
    We want everyone to be able to learn from our research.

You can find more information on ZEW and its activities in our Annual Report.
There is no Simple English version of our Annual Report.

How to use this website

Below you will find a guide to using all the features of our website.
At the top in the middle of our website there are large letters. 
It says “ZEW”. 
Clicking on these letters takes you back to the ZEW homepage.
The homepage is the first page you see 
when you visit our website.
When you are on another page on our website,
you can click on these letters.
This will always take you back to our homepage.

At the very top you can find many words.
Clicking on these words,
will take you to other pages on our website.

  • Press

On this page, you can find our press releases. 
Press releases are news and other texts about ZEW.
This is how we share information. 
For example: for newspapers, radio and TV stations, the internet
and other people who visit our homepage.
Many of these texts are written by the people who work at ZEW.

  • Team

Clicking on this page will give you a list of the people who work at ZEW. 
Their last names are in alphabetical order.
Here you can find photos and information about the people who work at ZEW.

  • Career

On this page, you can find information about jobs at ZEW.
There is also information about what we offer as an employer.
You can also find our latest job openings here.

  • Newsletter

On this page, you can sign up for our newsletter. 
Then you will receive our newsletter via e-mail.
You can also find other information about our newsletter here.
The newsletter is free.

  • Contact

Do you want to call us?
Or write us?
On this page you can find names, phone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses.
There is different contact information for different topics.

  • ZEWnews

On this page you can find information about news at ZEW.
ZEWnews is all about the activities of ZEW.
There is lots of information about political and economic topics.

Sign language and Simple English

On the right-hand side, there are 2 small symbols. 
The symbols with the two hands mean: Sign language.
Sign language is a language for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Select this symbol to find videos in sign language. 
The symbol with the book means: Simple English.
Here you can find information written in Simple English.
You are currently on this page.


You can change the language by clicking on DE and EN on the right-hand side.

DE means: German.
EN means: English.

The language that you select will be shown as grey. 
You can click on the blue letters to change the language. 
Then you will be able to see the website in the other language.


There is also a search function on our website.
You can find this at the top left.
Click on the magnifying glass.

In the search box, it says: “Explore the ZEW”.
You can type words into the search box.
Then click on Search.
This will give you a list of results of things that interest you.


You can also search for categories.
Click on categories.
Then a grey bar appears.
Here you can check different categories.

Search Filter

Next to your list of results, you will find other options.
These will give you more specific results. 
For instance: You can select Events
This will give you a list of events that interest you.

Theme Pages

To the right of the search bar you can find words.
These words lead to our theme pages.

On these pages, you can find lots of information on important topics.

For example, they are about the corona virus crisis or the digitalisation.

Our Topics

At the top left corner, you can see 3 bars. 
Next to these bars, you will see the words “Our Topics”.
If you select this, 
this will open the menu.

Main Menu

Here you can find all research units at ZEW.
The research units are arranged by topics.

When you click on one research unit
you can see all the important information
on the right side.

Click on All content to the research area 
to get to the central site of the research unit.

Down below you can find specialisations,
research projects, publications and
events of the research unit.

Click on the text
to get to the suitable site.


First of all you can find our slider
on the start page.

You can switch between all contents
by yourself.

Here you can find important news.
With the white bar on the bottom of the picture
you can switch between the news.


Down below you can find News.
Here you can see all current content from ZEW.
The content is arranged in two columns.
The left column shows current content
that is sorted by date.

In the right column in the upper box
you can find our most important events.
With the white bars at the bottom
you can switch between the displayed events.

Here you can find the title and the date
of the event.
Click on More about the Event
to get to the page of the event.

The lower box shows very important content.

In Focus

Under In Focus you can find information
about our theme pages.

Here you can find a short description
of the topics.

Click on Read more
to get to the theme pages.


Here you can find our experts at the ZEW.
They are employees
who are well versed in their area.

When you go over the name with your mouse
a grey box opens.
Click on To the Profile
to get to the webpage of the employee.

Subscribe to ZEW Monthly

Here you can register for
ZEW Monthly.

Then you will receive the ZEW Monthly via e-mail.

The ZEW Monthly collects all current content
that the ZEW publishes.

The ZEW Monthly is for free.


There are 4 different columns:

  • Contact

In the first column 
you can find contact info.

If you want to contact the ZEW
you can find a telephone number and an e-mail address here.

  • Formalia

Here you can find our imprint.
There are a lot of legal information on the ZEW.
You can also find information about data protection
and accessibility at the ZEW.

Did you find a barrier on our website?
Under Report Barrier you have the posibility
to report this.

  • Quick Links

Here you can find important links
to get to the pages quickly.

  • Follow us

Here you can get to our social media pages.
Social media pages are for example Twitter, 
Youtube or LinkedIn.
On these pages you will find texts and pictures from us.
Or short news.
Or videos.

Every page on our website
has an arrow pointing up 
at the very bottom of the page.
Click on this arrow,
to go to the top of the page.

Mobile Version

Many people look at our website on the phone.
Some things look different on the phone.
Here, you can find information on how to use the mobile version of website:
At the top left corner, it says “ZEW”.
Clicking on these letters takes you back to the ZEW homepage.
The homepage is the first page you see 
when you visit our website.


At the top left corner you can see three bars.
When you click on them
a new window opens.

Here you can find all research areas from the ZEW.
Click on one word
to open the page.

Under the research areas
there are also other words.

  • ZEW

Here you can find all information
on everything we do.

  • Experts

Here you can find all employees 
who are well versed in one of the areas.

  • Publications

Here is much information
on the results of our research.
For example reports from our employees.


At the top right corner you can find the Search.
Click on the magnifying glass.
Then you can write down a word in the search box.

You can also search for categories.
Therefore click on a word.

When you click on Search
you start the search.

If you want to go to the top of the page,
select the arrow.