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<p>Individuals may avoid information about the consequences of their actions in order to circumvent moral concerns. The paper investigates this issue in the context of food consumption, where the dec


The research award “Zukunft der Arbeitswelt” (“The Future of the Working World”) will be conferred for the eighth time by the Volksbank Weinheim Foundation in cooperation with ZEW. With the award, the


In August 2020, the ZEW Indicator of Economic Sentiment for Germany increased again significantly compared to the previous month, after having declined slightly in July. Expectations are now at 71.5 p


While the magnitude and length of the economic crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be reliably evaluated at this early stage, it is certain that the wide-ranging countermeasures to th


We analyze the distributional and efficiency impacts of different allowance allocation schemesmotivated by recently proposed U.S. climate legislation for a national cap and trade system usinga new dyn


This paper develops a decomposition algorithm by which a market economy with many households may be solved through the computation of equilibria for a sequence of representative agent economies. The p


Many policies to limit greenhouse gas emissions have at their core efforts to put a price on carbon emissions. Carbon pricing impacts households both by raising the cost of carbon intensive products a


Emissions restrictions in one region may decrease emissions elsewhere (negative leakage), as increased demand for capital and labor to abate emissions in constrained regions may reduce output in uncon


This paper examines the distributional and efficiency impacts of public debt consolidation financed through a carbon tax employing a dynamic general-equilibrium model with overlapping generations of t


We examine the efficiency and distributional impacts of greenhouse gas policies directed toward the electricity sector in a model that links a “top-down” general equilibrium representation of the U.S.