Baden-Württemberg is one of Europe’s leading locations for biotechnology with excellence especially in red biotechnology. The extraordinary economic and technical capability of Baden-Württemberg in the field of biotechnology is based on the presence of nearly 150 business establishments in biotechnology, the high density of academic and non-academic research institutions, centers for start-ups and technology as well as a high concentration of technology  adopting branches in the state. Baden-Württemberg’s Ministry of Science, Research and Arts has funded young entrepreneurships in biotechnology since 1997. By means of funding highly risky and complex projects, Baden-Württemberg seeks for an improvement of its national and international competitiveness in the field of biotechnology. The target groups for the indirect-specific funding of biotechnology have been smallest, small and medium-sized enterprises in commercial businesses of various fields of application of modern biotechnology (medical science, industrial and chemical production including pharmaceutics and Molecular Farming, farming and food industry as well as nanotechnology). Within the framework of the project, the funding program is supposed to be subject to an external ex-post evaluation scheme. Thereby, the very basic evaluation criteria are the necessity of public and governmental intervention in the field of biotechnology and the impact resulting from the program on the innovation potential of biotech-companies at different stage of the innovation processes.