The training programm "BERUFSSTART plus" intends to help students at secondary schools in Thuringia to improve the match between their competences and job aspirations and to improve the school-to-work transition. In particular, a coaching system helps students to develop career aspirations and to acquire some experience in an internship in a specific vocational field that they like.

The research project was conducted on behalf of the Institute for Employment Research - the Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agencies in cooperation with gfa|public, Berlin. Comprehensive research was based on a coordinated portfolio of impact, region and implementation analysis. Specifically, based on a control group design, we investigated whether the programme goals have been reached and whether career aspirations of participants improved from 2010 to 2012. In addition, we examined the quality of the implementation of the programme. Based on the empirical findings the report also elaborates on the policy question, whether "BERUFSSTART plus" should be part of the Federal Emploment Agencies services and a model also for other regions.

For further information (in German only) please see the final report of the research project, the executive summary and the codebook from the classroom surveys.

Selected Publications