The project aims at analysing the state and current development of industry-science relations (ISR) in Germany. The analyses focus on fourissues: (a) characterising the level of ISR in Germany with respect to different channels for exchanging knowledge and technologies between public science and the business enterprise sector, (b) ISR at different types of public research institutions (universities, Fachhochschulen, Helmholtz-Centres, Fraunhofer-Institutes, Max-Planck-Institutes, Leibniz-Institutes), (c) the role and of SMEs in ISR, (d) the effectiveness of intermediaries both at science and industry in technology transfer. The study combines qualitative interview methods with quantiative, econometric data analysis, including results from a survey at public science institutions and innovation surveys of the enterprise sector. The study concludes that the level of ISR in Germany is rather high, although there is a potential to increase ISR activities at some types of institutions, such as the Helmholtz-Centres.

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