Classifications of industries and products by their knowledge and technology intensity are an important input for analysis on technological competitiveness of countries and regions. They also serve as a valuable input for characterising the market and technology environment of firms. For Germany, such classifications have been produced by the Lower Saxonian Institute for Economic Research (NIW) and the Fraunhofer-Institute for System and Innovation Research (IS) over the past two decades. In this project, the current list of knowledge and technology intensive sectors and product groups which has been compiled in 2006, will be updated by applying the new classification system for economic activities introduced in 2008 (NACE rev. 2.0). In a further step, international comparative data based on this new sector classification will be used to establish a revised list. In this context, the separation between manufacturing and services that has been constitute to the current list will be challenged.

ZEW contributes to this project primarily by analysing data from the Mannheim Innovation Panel (MIP). These firm-level data contains sector information for all enterprises according to NACE rev. 2.0 from the year 2006 onward, thus providing indicators on knowledge and technology intensity of firms based on the new sector classification for several years.

Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers

Gehrke, Birgit, Rainer Frietsch, Peter Neuhäusler and Christian Rammer (2013), Neuabgrenzung forschungsintensiver Industrien und Güter. NIW/ISI/ZEW-Listen 2012, Studien zum deutschen Innovationssystem, Nr. 8-2013, Berlin. Download