This study compares the German innovation system with that of other highly developed countries which either compete on a similar technological level on the world market or which owe similar or particularly interesting characteristics. The U.S, Japan, France, the U.K., Korea, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland serve as comparison countries. Comparing innovation systems will feed recommendations on how to further develop the German innovation system. The study focuses on six areas:

  • Technology and sector specialisation
  • Governance of research and innovation policy
  • Policy mix and the role of new instruments in research and innovation policy
  • The role of science for technological performance
  • The role of public-sector research organisations
  • Knowledge and technology transfer between industry and science

The results to each of these areas are summarised using a SWOT methodology. The study rests on three methodological approaches:

  • A literature survey;
  • qualitative and quantitative analyses based on existing data;
  • own surveys, including a survey of public-sector research organisations in Germany, and an expert review on the state of knowledge and technology transfer, governance, policy mix and the role of science and public sector research using a network of country correspondences.

Selected Publications

Discussion and Working Papers