In Germany, over 150 family related public services and transfers co-exist. Systematic evaluation of the effectiveness of these programs is lacking. This feasibilty study serves to develop a concrete strategy for assessing the impact of the full range familiy related policies, in order to achieve more effective, efficient and transparent public support for families. In detail, the following aspects are covered: (i) overview of national and international examples of program evaluation in the realm of family-related policies, (ii) measurement concepts for the various goals to be achieved through these policies, (iii) suitable methods of ex post and ex ante program evaluation, (iv) choice of identification assumptions to distinguish between treatment and control groups, (v) data requirements and data availability, (vi) institutional set-up to develop an evaluation culture, (vii) possibilities to merge and combine family-relates services.


Prognos AG , Basel , CH

Project duration

01.03.2008 - 31.12.2008

Project members

Prof. Dr. Holger Bonin (Coordinator)
Dr. Denis Beninger
Markus Clauss
Dr. Julia Horstschräer
Prof. Dr. Reinhold Schnabel