The EU aims to promote science and encourage researchers to work together with each other and with businesses. To this end, it launched the Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP) in 1984. The programme provides EU funding for research, creating a frame within which all of the EU’s policy measures in the fields of research, technological development and demonstration can operate.
The aim of this study is to gain insight into the position Germany has taken up within the FP and assess how the programme is developing. Particular attention will be paid to pinpointing strengths and weaknesses in the way German research establishments have taken part in the programme. In addition, quantitative and qualitative indicators will be used to evaluate Germany’s participation.

Selected Publications


Grimpe, Christoph, Katrin Cremers, Thomas Eckert, Thorsten Doherr, Georg Licht and Mark O. Sellenthin (2009), Studie zur Beteiligung am 6. Forschungsrahmenprogramm der Europäischen Union, Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF), Mannheim. Download

Project duration

01.12.2007 - 31.10.2008

Project members

Prof. Dr. Christoph Grimpe (Coordinator)
Dr. Katrin Cremers
Dr. Thorsten Doherr
Thomas Eckert
Dr. Georg Licht
Prof. Dr. Mark O. Sellenthin