This study aims at

  • describing the role of creative industries in Austria for innovation taking place in other industries;
  • discussing the direct and indirect ways of how creative industries contribute to innovation in the economy, including the support for innovation activities of their clients, impulses for innovation in firms that supply technology to creative industries, and supplying other sectors with creative people;
  • analysing the innovative potential of creative industries, the linkages among creative industry firms, and the role of a creative environment;
  • measuring the extent to which certain sectors (according to standard industry classifications) which are often regarded as constituting the "creative industries" contain creative firms;
  • based on these empirical findings, discussing policy measures to maintain and strengthen the role of the creative industries as a source for innovation.

These issues are investigated based on a large-scale survey of Austrian firms belonging to the creative industries. In addition, four case studies will explore in detail the different ways and models of how creative industries help other industries to innovate.

Selected Publications