On account of the different dynamics of the development of the supply and demand of academic graduates, there is, at least temporarily, expected to be a shortage, especially in the engineering and natural science segments. Even with the widely-publicized favourable conditions of the labour market, there hasn’t been a drastic increase in the demand for higher education in engineering and natural sciences. In addition to the examination of primary reasons and factors for the choice or non-choice of engineering or natural science courses of study along with the study progress, also the sustainability of the influencing factors of the so-called MINT-choice of education (Mathematics, Information Technology, Natural Science and Technical Studies) are examined. For an empirical analysis there is a panel encompassing several years, based on the HIS - Survey on  school leavers with higher education entrance qualification. This analysis is to identify the “set screws” for the purpose of remotivation of eligible students for natural science and engineering fields, in order to increase the supply in the labour market.