The main purpose of this contract is to yield support for the preparation of statistics, indicators and analysis in order to generate new information to underpin R&D policy development in the context of the Barcelona 3% objective and the O.M.C. process. The support is sought in the form of a series of targeted study reports based on the results of statistical and analytical work in the following fields of R&D policy: R&D investment and performance in the wider macro-economic context, fiscal incentives, venture capital measures that aim to boost R&D investment, sectoral analysis of R&D performance: analysis by detailed field of science (public sector); information and communication technologies, nanotechnology, pharmaceuticals, the automobile industry; investment in knowledge intensive services and sectors and knowledge flows and transfers, public sector research reform, the interface between R&D and public procurement, new technological markets, R&D in service industries, rates of return of R&D as well as the societal and economic contexts that govern the supply and demand of R&D, in particular the ageing population and changes in market structures.


Europäische Kommission, DG Research , Brüssel , BE

Project duration

23.12.2005 - 23.12.2008

Project members

Prof. Dr. Christoph Grimpe (Coordinator)
Dr. Patrick Beschorner
Dr. Michaela Niefert
Prof. Dr. Bettina Peters
Dr. Christian Rammer

Cooperation partner

Idea Consult, Brüssel, BE
Fraunhofer-Institut für System- und Innovationsforschung, Karlsruhe, DE
Norwegian Institute for Studies in Innovation Research and Higher Education, Oslo, NO
Science and Technology Policy Research Unit , University of Sussex, Brighton, UK
Technopolis Consulting Group, Brüssel, BE
Atlantis Research S.A., Thessaloniki, GR
Icelandic Centre for Research, Rykjavik, IS
National Research Council of Italy, Research Institute on Firms and Development, Rom, IT
Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology (PREST), Manchester Business School, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK