Although at the ZEW microeconomic and microeconometric research approaches are dominant, each research department at the ZEW always takes the macroeconomic environment into account as well. “Analysis of Growth and Business Cycles” is the name of a group of macroeconomically inclined researchers from different research departments. Thus this group of researchers does not represent a self-contained research department with its own scientific personnel. The “Analysis of Growth and Business Cycles”-team is mainly focussed on three tasks: First, it is responsible for the quarterly publication of “ZEW Wachstums- und Konjunkturanalysen”. This publication is devoted to the transfer of macroeconomic research results to an interested public. Second, the members of the research team are contact persons for the press and public relations office with respect to questions concerning macroeconomic issues. Third, the group coordinates cross-departmental research cooperatives, provided they are of primarily macroeconomic character.