Building on the results of the joint project TOBI (Text Data Based Output Indicators as the Basis of a New Innovation Metric), various methodological and content-related further developments will be tackled in follow-up projects. The focus is on the elaboration of the dynamic properties of web-based innovation indicators. This includes the description of diffusion processes as well as the analysis of the temporal development of the innovator characteristics of companies on the basis of web data. The previously cross-section-oriented survey of web-based innovation indicators is thus to be developed further into a longitudinal survey. As in the previous project, data from the ZEW's annual innovation surveys and the development of innovation indicators based on patent applications will serve as benchmarks. On the basis of this comparison of the longitudinal properties of innovation indicators on the basis of established with web-based survey methods, the strengths and weaknesses of different survey methods are to be analyzed and it is to be worked out how potentials for improvement of innovation indicators result from the interaction of different data collection methods.

Selected Publications