The impact of the Corona pandemic on businesses and employees presumably depends, among other things, on how digitized businesses already were before the pandemic. If digitization proves to be an instrument for mitigating the hardships of the crisis, digitized businesses could continue to assert themselves on the market. In addition, it is likely that the Corona crisis will generate a further surge in digitization and thus deepen the structural change in the labor market.
The aim of the BMAS-funded project is to gain a better understanding of the interactions between digitization and the labor market effects of Covid-19. Therefore, the first step of the project is to conduct the 2nd wave of the IAB-ZEW-Working World 4.0 dataset, in which establishments are asked about their use of digital technologies, but also about the impact of the pandemic. On this basis, three research questions will be addressed:
•    Do digitalization investments make establishments more crisis-proof?
•    Does the Corona crisis lead to accelerated digitalization?
•    What impact does the accelerated digital transformation have on the labor market?