Financial Literacy plays a central role for individual financial well-being and inclusion. It can also play an important role for the stability of financial markets and the effectiveness of central bank policies. This became evident during the financial and economic crisis in 2007/2008 as well as the current COVID induced economic crisis.   The Mannheim Institute for Financial Education – MIFE has the objective to foster research related to financial literacy and financial education. Specifically the research will focus on financial literacy of individuals, i.e. what individuals know about financial topics, and financial education, i.e. the processes in which this knowledge is acquired. The institute is a joined initiative of the University of Mannheim and ZEW.   At the Mannheim Institute for Financial Education research is conducted an independently, interdisciplinary and using a multitude of methods following highest academic standards. The objective is to conduct state-of the-art research on financial literacy and financial education, set up an international network of academics, enable interactions between academics and practitioners, and organize conferences and workshops.