In the coalition agreement of 2018, the federal government set the goal to provide a pension information covering all three pillars of retirement income. This means that the public pension entitlements as well as occupational and private pension contracts are merged on one platform and presented as an overview. Consequently, individuals should gain an overview of all potential future pension entitlements. In 2017, a first pilot study was conducted based on a Pension Dashboard with a limited range of functions. The three main findings are that there is a high demand for transparency concerning pensions in the population, that the realized benefit of the pension transparency is significant, and that, however, the manual effort for the users is too high. Based on these insights, a detailed technical concept was formulated and implemented gradually. In the course of 2020, an extended and fully operative Pension Dashboard will be developed and tested. The focus is on extending the range of functions of the Pension Dashboard and adapting them to users’ needs with the help of randomized tests. The goal of the Pension Dashboard is (1) to provide the public with an independent and transparent tool for retirement planning, (2) to give policy makers evidence-based recommendations for their implementations, and (3) to collect field data on the basis of scientific standards and to use it for academic publications.