The population share of high-skilled workers has a positive effect on regional development. The higher the qualification in a region, the higher the value added, productivity and wages.  Although the proportion of high-skilled people in Mannheim is above the national average, it is significantly lower than in most neighbouring cities such as Heidelberg, Karlsruhe or Darmstadt.  But how can the city of Mannheim succeed in motivating highly qualified people to move in? To what extent can the comparatively low proportion of high-skilled people in Mannheim be explained by "hard" location factors such as the economic structure? What role do "softer" factors such as cultural amenities or the image of the city play? Answering these questions can show in which areas Mannheim has competitive advantages and where there is potential for improvement. This project therefore uses a factorial survey to investigate which regional factors are important for the decision of highly qualified individuals to move to Mannheim.  The aim is to identify the most important factors for regional policy to promote the inflow of high-skilled workers.


Stadtmarketing Mannheim , Mannheim , DE

Project duration

01.08.2019 - 31.07.2020


Labour Markets and Human Resources