This project investigates the relation between R&D collaboration, knowledge transfer, innovation, and firm performance in German biotechnology clusters. We analyze two key questions:

  1. Are firms in biotechnology clusters more innovative and successful? Existing studies showed that firms in clusters have more access to highly qualified labour and knowledge spillovers. This is particularly important in the biotechnology sector. Therefore, biotechnology clusters are likely important vehicles for regional innovation and growth. To investigate this, we will compare innovation activities and firm performance of biotechnology firms clusters, that is, in regionally concentrated areas with those outside of those areas.
  2. How do resources provided by regional cluster organisations (for instance, networking events) affect firm’s innovation and success? Concretely, we will investigate the additionality effects of active cluster policies on knowledge transfer, innovation, and performance within clusters. Moreover, we will analyse whether public R&D subsidies show additionality effects when assigned to firms in biotechnology clusters.

The data visualization of biotech firms’ fields of activity by cluster membership is presented here.

Selected Publications