With regard to reform blueprints for the future of the Eurozone, a comprehensive systematizing meta-analysis will be prepared. This meta-analysis will capture not only the content of the reform options, but also the “ideology” of the authors, in order to create a “map of the Eurozone reform preferences”.

Based on the meta-analysis, “typical” elements of Euro reform concepts from Northern, Southern and Eastern Europe will be identified. Especially with regard to today’s and tomorrow’s Euro members in Central and Eastern Europe, it is striking that their preferences have so far been neglected and that this could be another source of alienation between old and new members of the EU.

To capture the preferences of the authors, a large-scale survey on reform preferences among Eastern European economists will be carried out. To compare the results to Northern and Southern European preferences, German, French and Italian economists will be interviewed.

Finally, Euro reform packages will be developed that best meet the typical regional reform preferences. For that purpose, suitable theoretical and empirical analyses are used.


Brigitte Strube Stiftung , Stuttgart , DE

Project duration

17.04.2018 - 30.06.2019