Within the scope of the project, current and past economic indicators for Baden-Württemberg's cultural and creative industries are prepared and evaluated in order to show both the status and developments of the industry over the past years. The culture and creative industries are divided into the following eleven submarkets: music industry, book market, art market, film industry, broadcasting industry, performing arts market, design industry, architecture market, press market, advertising market and software and games industry. In addition, the project shows the economic importance of the cultural and creative industries in Baden-Württemberg in comparison to other branches of the state, but also in comparison to the whole German cultural and creative industries. A final monitoring report serves as a source of information, i.a. for politics, associations and economic actors.

Project duration

01.06.2018 - 31.08.2018


Dr. Jörg Ohnemus

Project members

Dr. Jörg Ohnemus
Janna Axenbeck
Dr. Daniel Erdsiek


Digital Economy