The aim of this research project is to assess the impact of career interruptions, due to parental leave or unemployment e.g., on the wages of women and men. The wage effects will be investigated by occupational group. We focus especially on those exposed to technological and organisational change where skill obsolescence may be most severe.

Selected Publications

Articles in Refereed Journals

Beblo, Miriam and Elke Wolf (2003), Sind es die Erwerbsunterbrechungen? Ein Erklärungsbeitrag zum Lohnunterschied zwischen Frauen und Männern in Deutschland, Mitteilungen aus der Arbeitsmarkt- und Berufsforschung MittAB 4, 36. Jg./2003, 560-572.

Project duration

01.08.2002 - 31.03.2004

Project members

Prof. Dr. Miriam Beblo (Coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Elke Wolf