The aim of this study is as follows:

(1) Defining the concept of competitiveness at different levels of economic units:
- firms (micro level),
- sectors (meso level),
- regional/national economies (macro level).
In addition, the study will discuss the shift from one definition to another at the micro/meso and meso/macro intersections.

(2) For the purposes of the European Semester, establishing a set of indicators suitable for comparing the competitiveness of Member States over time and across Member States. These indicators will refer to the meso and macro levels only.

(3) Developing a systematic grid of available indicators of competitiveness which relates to the three levels (micro-, meso-, and macro) and different policy objectives. Where appropriate, the hierarchy of indicators shall highlight interdependencies and dominant causal structures.

(4) Determining the strengths and, more importantly, weaknesses of a number of commonly used competitiveness indicators, including their associated measurement problems or biases.

Selected Publications


Janger, Jürgen, Michael Peneder, Andreas Reinstaller, Stefan Weingärtner, Florence Blandinières, Niklas Dürr, Stefan Frübing, Sven Heim, Bettina Peters and Christian Rammer (2018), Measuring Competitiveness, European Commission, Wien. Download

Project duration

01.03.2017 - 31.12.2017

Project members

Dr. Christian Rammer (Coordinator)
Florence Blandinières, PhD
Dr. Niklas Dürr
Stefan Frübing
Prof. Dr. Sven Heim
Prof. Dr. Kai Hüschelrath


Economics of Innovation and Industrial Dynamics · Competition and Regulation