The world of work is becoming increasingly digitized. This process induces a fundamental change of the world of work, which brings along new challenges for different aspects of social policy. This project focuses on generating a linked employer-employee data base for interdisciplinary socio-political research that enables analyses of the consequences of firms’ investments into digital technologies on individual workers of these firms regarding several socio-political dimensions. The project builds upon the existing “IAB-ZEW Arbeitswelt 4.0” survey, which already captures digitization at the firm level. This data will be linked to administrative social security records of workers employed in these firms and will be complemented by an employee survey among these workers. The employee survey focuses on socio-political dimensions that are not available in the administrative social security records, for example regarding health consequences of workers’ employability. The project receives funding from an interdisciplinary network for social policies (FIS) of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

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Discussion and Working Papers

Arntz, Melanie, Katharina Dengler, Ralf Dorau, Terry Gregory, Matthias Hartwig, Robert Helmrich, Florian Lehmer, Britta Matthes, Anita Tisch, Sascha Wischniewski and Ulrich Zierahn (2020), Digitalisierung und Wandel der Beschäftigung (DiWaBe) - Eine Datengrundlage für die interdisziplinäre Sozialpolitikforschung, ZEW Documentation LLL:citation.label.number 20-02, Mannheim. Download

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